Photo: Prof. Stacy Bonos discusses turf varieties.
Above: Prof. Stacy Bonos discusses turf varieties at Rutgers annual summer turf field days.

Rutgers Turf Breeding Program

Since 1967 hundreds of turfgrass varieties have been developed, with hundreds of millions of pounds of seed produced and sold world wide, while earning a reputation for having the largest and most productive cool season turfgrass breeding program in the world.

Virtually all major producers, distributors, and marketers of turfgrass seed in the U.S. rely on the Rutgers turfgrass breeding program for a significant portion of new varieties, and Rutgers believes that more than half of all premium turfgrass seed sold in the U.S. originated from Rutgers. Rutgers turf breeding program is using both traditional plant breeding techniques as well as modern genetic engineering technologies to continue producing new varieties of commercially important turf species.

For additional information on Rutgers Turfgrass, please contact:

Dr. William Meyer
Professor of Plant Biology
Director of the Turfgrass Breeding Program
Phone: 848-932-6222
Email: wilmeyer@rutgers.edu

Dr. Stacy Bonos
Dept. of Plant Biology
Phone: 732-932-9711, ext. 255
Email: bonos@rutgers.edu

Center for Turfgrass Science