U.S. Plant Patent 16,309

This award winning new variety was selected as the Grower of the Year Award, 2009 – Most Successful New Plant, U.K.  The variety has also received awards for the best novelty of the year. This was at PLANTARIUM 2007 in the Netherlands and at IPM 2008 in Essen, Germany.

Most importantly, dogwood lovers will be rewarded with the profusion of large flowers (bracts) which is sure to make this variety a favorite of gardeners and landscapers. Displaying improved qualities Venus® is destined to conquer the hearts and gardens of plant enthusiasts around the world.

Qualities for Venus® include:

  • Distinguished by exceptionally large, profuse, large creamy white flowers (bracts) – six plus inches in size
  • With Venus® expect abundant flowers that will almost completely cover the tree   
  • During the fall months you will find attractive strawberry like fruit
  • Expect attractive glossy dark green leaves during the summer and a wonderful coloring of its leaves in the fall
  • This variety will produce a tree that is extremely healthy and a vigorous grower
  • Has a reputation for good tolerance of drought conditions
  • Venus® is noted for high resistance to the diseases powdery mildew and anthracnose
  • Venus® grows very vigorously as a dense tree branched low to the ground with upright branches.  Heights of eighteen feet and a spread of twenty feet have been reached in twenty years
  • Branches form a rounded head wider than tall
  • Has superior winter hardiness – The original tree has been field tested for twenty years and has been completely winter-hardy in USDA Plant Hardiness Map Zone 6a.
Photo: Venus dogwood full tree

Venus® Full Tree 30 years old, ~30' wide by ~25' high.