Variegated Stellar Pink®

US Plant Patent 24,952 Issued October 7, 2014
Photo: Variegated  Stellar bract.

Variegated Stellar Pink® bract.

Photo: Variegated  Stellar  fall color.

Variegated Stellar Pink® fall color.

Photo: Variegated  Stellar full sun.

Variegated Stellar Pink® in full sun.

Rutgers is introducing an exciting variation of our famous and highly popular Stellar Pink® dogwood. The new cultivar is trademarked Variegated Stellar Pink® dogwood, and originated as a bud mutation which gave rise to a branch from a Stellar Pink® dogwood tree.

While the original Stellar Pink® had solid green leaves, this mutation (or sport) exhibits green leaves with a white margin and dispersed green, and mottled hues of green and white in several shades, rather than the solid green leaves.

The new Variegated Stellar Pink® dogwood is propagated asexually by grafting buds from the mutant variegated branch onto Cornus kousa seedling understock. This commercial propagation method has shown the variegated foliage to be stable throughout the new tree.

All other observable horticultural traits of the Variegated Stellar Pink®  trees  are similar to those of the original Stellar Pink® dogwood with the exception that the fall color of the foliage of the variegated plants is more brilliant and multi-colored.

The floral bracts - flowers - are expected to be similar to those of Stellar Pink®, except young trees have so far shown the highly unusual and attractive margin around each bract, as shown in the photo.