U.S. Plant Patent #17,768

Photo: Saturn flowers.The variety Saturn™ is the result of crossing Cornus kousa, commonly known as “kousa dogwood”, with an American dogwood

Qualities for Saturn™ include:

  • This dogwood variety is distinguished by an upright, vigorous growth, a compact dense form – wider than tall
  • Saturn™ will produce lustrous attractive green leaves
  • With Saturn™ expect masses of overlapping large white flowers (bracts)
  • Expect a mid - spring flower time, providing a show when other dogwoods have stopped flowering
  • Saturn™ will produce a tree that is extremely healthy and vigorous 
  • Saturn™ is highly resistant to dogwood anthracnose and the common dogwood borer, providing good staying power 
  • Has superior winter hardiness – USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 6A
Photo: Saturn™ dogwood