Rosy Teacups®

U.S. Plant Patent 26,211 issued December 15, 2015
Photo: Rosy Teacups full shot.

Rosy Teacups® full tree.

Photo: Rosy Teacups full tree in Fall.

Rosy Teacups® full tree in Fall.

Photo: Rosy Teacups bract in hand.

Rosy Teacups® bracts in hand.

Attributes of Rosy Teacups® include:

  • Growth Habit: Dense, branched low to ground. Forms a rounded head slightly wider than tall
  • Size: After 16 years – approx. 23' high x 25' spread
  • Plant vigor: Moderate vigor typical of the rubra variety of C. kousa
  • Cold hardiness after 16 years in NJ USDA Hardiness Map Zone 6a (-20° to -23°C) :
    • Very winter hardy
    • No winter die-back
  • Resistance to insects and diseases:
  • No insect or disease problems observed during 15 years field testing
  • Foliage: Dense foliage. Summer dark glossy green. Fall shades of red
  • Floral bracts:
    • Shades of light to medium pink, with deeper colors towards edges. Bracts to 3+"
    • Very floriferous. Single flowers arranged in compact, dense heads
    • Floral display typically lasts about 3 weeks or more, depending on weather conditions
  • Fruit: Orange-red 1"+ fruit
Photo: Rosy Teacups bracts.