Red Beauty®

Photo: Red Beauty Dogwood.

Red Beauty® flowering dogwood is a beautiful small-medium tree (height 6 to 10 feet, considered semi-dwarf) offering many smallish red blooms. Has a dense appearance due to profuse branching, with a broad canopy and elegant horizontal branches. In mid-spring, this heavy bloomer presents inconspicuous yellow-green flower clusters surrounded by four showy dark rose-red bracts. These are followed by clusters of bright red berry-like fruits which are eaten by birds.

Its medium-green leaves turn purple-red in fall. Though shade tolerant, flowering dogwood looks best when grown in a full to part sun location. Provide it with fertile, acidic to alkaline soil and water during dry spells. In the landscape it is best used as a specimen tree or massed in wooded gardens with other early flowering trees like eastern redbud. USDA Hardiness Zone 5-9.

Photo: Red Beauty® dogwood

Rutgers Red Beauty®, courtesy RareFIND nursery

Photo: Red Beauty® dogwood

Rutgers Red Beauty®, courtesy Beechwood Landscape