U.S. Plant Patent #22,219, Variety 'KF111-1' Issued November 1, 2011
Photo: Hyperion.

Hyperion® is one of the more recent commercial releases from Dr. Orton's famed hybrid dogwood breeding program at Rutgers University. 

Qualities for Hyperion® include:

  • Produces  profuse, very attractive white flowers (bracts)
  • You will be pleasantly surprised how the flowers will almost completely cover the tree   
  • During the fall months you will enjoy admiring the attractive strawberry like fruit
  • Expect  dark green foliage during the summer, while the fall foliage is multi-colored, with shades of yellow, purple, and orange leaves
  • Hyperion ® will produce a tree of extreme vigor and rapid growth
  • This dogwood variety has developed a reputation for good tolerance of drought conditions
  • Hyperion® is noted for high resistance to the diseases powdery mildew and anthracnose.  In fact, no insect or disease problems have been observed during the almost thirty years since the original Hyperion® hybrid seedling was established in the field.
  • The original tree of Hyperion® was over twenty feet tall and twenty feet wide at twenty years of age
  • Has displayed a high level of  winter hardiness – USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 6A