Photo: Constellation Tree.

Qualities for Constellation™ include:

  • Plants of this hybrid are erect in habit – more upright, are much more vigorous than typical plants of Kousa types, and do not exhibit the vase-shaped habit of young plants of Kousa's; that is, this hybrid is more fully branched low in the tree
  • The flower (bract) color is a pleasing creamy white color - which do not overlap
  • The flower display is quite spectacular for Constellation™ even when viewed at a distance
  • The floral display of this hybrid commences one day after that of Stardust™, two days following that of Ruth Ellen™ and about three days after the completion of the flowering periods of most American dogwood trees. Further comparison reveals the flowering period for this variety begins about two to four days before that of Aurora™, Celestial® and Stellar Pink®
  • The original tree of Constellation™ was over twenty feet tall and seventeen feet wide at the age of twenty years
  • Constellation™has good resistance to the diseases powdery mildew and anthracnose 
  • Has displayed a high level of  winter hardiness – USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 6A
Photo: Rutgers Constellation™ Hybrid Dogwood

Rutgers Constellation™ Hybrid Dogwood

Photo: Constellation™ Original Plant

Constellation™ Original Plant

Photo: Constellation™ Bracts, early

Constellation™ Bracts, early