Mullica Queen® Cranberries

Photo: Mullica Queen cranberries.

Qualities for Mullica Queen® include:

  • Has exhibited exceptionally high yield potential
  • Exhibits a coarser vine, tendency to produce multiple flower buds, higher fruit set
  • Slightly higher fruit anthocyanin (red pigment) content
  • More rapid establishment and vigorous growth
  • Mullica Queen® is an earlier flowering variety, three to five days earlier compared to the variety "Stevens"
  • Unique genetic background, unrelated to the commonly used varieties " Stevens" and  "Ben Lear"
  • U.S. patent: US PP19,434 issued November 11, 2008
  • Registered Trademark in Canada
  • Canadian Plant Breeders' Rights Certificate
  • Registered Trademark in Peru
  • Pending Plant Breeders Rights application in Chile