For Growers:

How to Obtain Rutgers New Cranberry Varieties

Photo: Stolon care.

Photo courtesy of Integrity Propagation.

Rutgers patented new cranberry Varieties are available to commercial cranberry growers in the U.S. and Canada, under license from Rutgers University.  Planting materials can be obtained through purchase of certified vines for conventional planting, or foundation level certified Rooted Stolons and Unrooted Stolons.  Unrooted Stolons have to be rooted prior to planting.

The two grower-nurseries listed below are the only 2 authorized sources for acquisition of Rutgers New Varieties.  These propagators follow strict breeding and propagation guidelines, under the direction of Dr. Vorsa, to maintain genetic purity for each Rutgers cranberry variety. All Foundation Level materials are certified virus-free and are DNA marked. 

Growers interested in Rutgers varieties can contact us to obtain a license from Rutgers University.

Asexual reproduction of Rutgers patented hybrid cranberries and use of Rutgers trademark names without a license agreement from Rutgers University are strictly prohibited. 

Authorized Licensees

Foundation Level Rooted Stolons and Unrooted Stolons: All Varieties

Integrity Propagation, LLC.
Proprietor: Abbott Lee
1 Speedwell Road
Chatsworth, NJ 08019
Phone: 609-894-2042
Fax: 609-726-1239

Vines (Mowings) for Conventional Planting: Varieties: Crimson Queen®, Mullica Queen® and Demoranville®

Cutler Cranberry Company
Proprietor: Martin Potter
N11569 County Road H
Camp Douglas, WI 54618-9738
Phone: 608-427-3268
Fax: 608-427-3248

Choice of Planting Materials

planting material planting material

Greenhouse propagated Plants

Note: Unrooted plants (stolons) must be rooted prior to planting

planting material

Un-Rooted or Rooted Plants

planting material

Mowings (vines) for Conventional Planting