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2013 Growers Bulletin

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February 17, 2013

Dear Cranberry Grower:
This is our 2nd bulletin to cranberry growers providing information we hope you will find useful.

  • We are often asked about the comparative yield in different locales of the Rutgers Cranberry Varieties. The chart on the next page provides data from Wisconsin, for which we have sufficient data for beds at least 3 years old to provide meaningful results. Rutgers Varieties have yielded an average of 471?548 barrels/acre, with the yield range for this data set at 299?691 barrels/acre. Yield may vary by local factors, horticultural practices, planting date and type, bed condition, etc.
  • In 2012 Rutgers released a new patented cranberry variety, Scarlet Knight?, that has many characteristics attractive for the fresh fruit market, such as good keeping qualities, large fruit size, and high color (see photos and information next page). More information on Scarlet Knight? is available from Integrity Propagation, with contact numbers at

The data shown is gathered from Annual Reports licensed growers are obligated to provide. In that respect, we remind licensed growers to submit Annual Reports and Propagation Buyout Forms (for Mowed acreage) as required by the license agreement. You should send in any due or past-due reports now.
Submitting such forms is of benefit to Rutgers and the grower, helps Rutgers serve you better, and may avoid misunderstandings or possible fees.

Forms are provided with the license agreement. Please contact us if you need forms.

For forms (Annual Report, Royalty Reports) or for license agreements, contact:
Mr. B. Rafayel phone: 848 932-2486 email:

For general information on licensing our new Varieties, contact:
Dr. Leon Segal Director, Licensing: 848-932-4464

See the Rutgers website for more information, our economic-profit model, and authorized propagator information (Cutler Cranberry Co. for Mowings, Integrity Propagation LLC for Rooted Plants).

Rutgers New Varieties, Wisconsin Yield barrels/acre: 2009-2012

graph of Average WI yield, Rutgers Varieties

Data from beds planted 2009 or later.
Bars indicate average yield of 11 to 15 beds, and high-low range.


  • Insufficient data from other states
  • WI has the highest historical yields, averaging ~30%+ higher than other states
  • For growers reporting to Rutgers, Stevens yield typically 300-350+ bbls/acre (higher than WI or US averages)
  • Yield may vary by local factors, horticultural practices, planting date, planting type (plants or mowings), density of initial planting, etc.
image of Scarlet Knight TM cranberries - comparison

More information and data at

2014 Growers Bulletin

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Barrels/Acre Reported
Yield, High, Low, Average


2014 Yields Reports Summary
Crimson Queen®, Mullica Queen®, Demoranville®

Rutgers licensees send us Annual Reports providing yield* data by Variety, Bed Age, and other relevant information. We get many requests from growers asking about Variety performance, which may help make planting or purchase decisions. Here is years 2007 - 2014 data for 3 states (NJ, MA, WI) for which we have sufficient data* to provide feedback (only few data points for 2014 so far):

red dot Please send in your 2014 Annual Reports so we can provide more feedback.

  • Grower wanting more information or electronic copies of the summary should contact or 848-932-4464. No specific Grower data is provided.

*Criteria for data inclusion: Beds must be >2 years old, and at least 2 Growers reports. Yield data as reported, assumed to be Usable Yield (typically 93%–96% of gross yield)

Key Conclusions

red dot Rutgers Varieties yield 50+% to 100+% more than USDA averages
red dot Yields (records) of 600–700+ yields per acre reported

NEW VARIETIES: Contact Integrity Propagation for information on New Rutgers Varieties: Scarlet Knight®; Welker; Haines

chart: Barrels/Acre Reported : Yield, High, Low, Average in New Jersey

chart: Barrels/Acre Reported : Yield, High, Low, Average in Wisconsin

chart: Barrels/Acre Reported Yield High, Low, Average Massachusetts

2015 Growers Bulletin

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Rutgers grower bulletin Jan 17 2015

2015 Update to Cranberry Growers

red dot See Rutgers Yield data, by Variety and State, collected via licensee Annual Reports
red dot May assist growers in making purchase, planting, and propagation decisions

Rutgers Crimson Queen® Variety
Rutgers Crimson Queen® Variety
vs 'Stevens' variety
Rutgers Scarlet Knight® Variety
Rutgers Scarlet Knight® Variety
after 4 months storage
CQ = Crimson Queen®
MQ = Mullica Queen®
D = Demoranville®
  • Highest yield, barrels/acre:
    list-bulletin WI:738 Mullica Queen® list-bulletin MA: 624 Demoranville® list-bulletin NJ: 508 Crimson Queen®
  • WI grower averaged 660 barrels/acre MQ over 5 years
  • Same WI bed had MQ yields in 3 consecutive years of 690, 555, and 738 barrels/acre, showing that yields remain stable after a heavy harvest
  • Average yield for all Rutgers varieties higher than highest reported USDA NASS data
  • New information available for the most recent releases, see below (Summary Attributes of Rutgers Cranberry Varieties): Scarlet Knight®, Welker, Haines cranberry varieties
charts: Grower Annual Reports Summary 2015

table: Summary Attributes of Rutgers Cranberry Varieties

Contact and useful information

For purchase of Rutgers Cranberry Varieties:

Rutgers license agreements, forms, questions, or copies of this bulletin:

Leon Segal, PhD
Director, Licensing
Office of Research Commercialization, Rutgers University
ASB III, 3 Rutgers Plaza
New Brunswick NJ 08901
Phone: 848 932-4464
Cell: 908 239-3132

Forms and info at:
or call 848-932-2486

Copies of this bulletin and general information at
Cranberry economic profit model at