Crimson Queen® Cranberries

U.S. Plant Patent #18,252

Photo: Crimson Queen Cranberries.Crimson Queen® was the first variety released by Dr. Vorsa out of the Rutgers cranberry breeding program.

Qualities for Crimson Queen® include:

  • Selected for early fruit color development
  • Good color, high fruit anthocyanin (red pigment) content
  • Large fruit size
  • High vine (stolon) vigor
  • More rapid establishment and vigorous growth
  • The potential for high consistent yields compared to the early maturing variety Ben Lear.
  • Crimson Queen® displays fifty percent bloom two to three days earlier than the variety Stephens
  • Crimson Queen® tested as higher yielding than the current standard variety "Stevens" in WI and MA variety trials.
  • U.S. patent: US PP18,252 issued November 27, 2007
  • Canadian Plant Breeders' Rights Certificate
  • Registered Trademark in Canada
  • Registered Trademark in Chile
  • Registered Trademark in Peru