U.S. Plant Patent #14,750, issued May 4, 2004
Photo: Red Beauty Holly tree.
Photo: Close-up of Red Beauty Holly tree.

Red Beauty® (Rutzan) is a new and distinct variety of evergreen holly tree that combines dark glossy green foliage with an abundance of well displayed bright red berries. It becomes densely branched with a narrow conical form with very little or no pruning.  After 22 dedicated years of hybridizing and testing, this holly was developed from three species (ilex aquifolium, ilex rugosa and ilex pernyi) which distinguishes it from all other forms of Ilex. 

These new compact growing holly trees have the following desirable characteristics:

  • have proven to be highly deer resistant
  • are hardy enough to cope with typical east coast conditions
  • beautiful, shiny, dark green foliage which hold its color well throughout the winter
  • have abundant bunches of good sized, bright red berries which are well displayed and not hidden among the leaves
  • have an elegant, pyramidal shape
  • are compact growing (in scale with even smaller gardens)
  • do not suffer from any major pests and diseases
  • require minimal maintenance
  • needs pollinator for good berry production, such as 'Blue Prince'
  • Moderate-to-slow growth. Reaches 9' high x 4'-5' wide in 10 years. May reach 12' in 25 years.

History of the Rutgers University Holly Tree Program (28 KB DOC)

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