Sugar Pearls™ Apricots

Photo: Sugar Pearls™ Apricots.

Words don't do justice to the rich, full-bodied, sweet, golden-honey flavor of Sugar Pearls™. These amazing white-fleshed apricots are unlike any fruit we've ever tried before, and must be tasted to be believed! The good news is, Sugar Pearls™ blooms much later than all other apricot varieties - so even if you were too far North to grow apricots before - now's your chance!

Key Features:

  • Zones: 4 - 7 (-20 F.).
  • Height: Standard tree grows 15 - 20 feet.
  • Semi-dwarf tree will grow 12-15 feet tall.
  • Shade Requirement: Needs full Sun for maximum flower and fruit production.

Fruit trees are available to consumers from catalog and on-site nurseries such as Gurney's and Henry Field's.