Sugar Pearls™ Apricots

Photo: Sugar Pearls™ Apricots.

Words don't do justice to the rich, full-bodied, sweet, golden-honey flavor of Sugar Pearls™. These amazing white-fleshed apricots are unlike any fruit we've ever tried before, and must be tasted to be believed! The good news is, Sugar Pearls™ blooms much later than all other apricot varieties - so even if you were too far North to grow apricots before - now's your chance!

Key Features:

  • Zones: 4 - 7 (-20 F.).
  • Height: Standard tree grows 15 - 20 feet.
  • Semi-dwarf tree will grow 12-15 feet tall.
  • Shade Requirement: Needs full Sun for maximum flower and fruit production.

Apricot Tree Pollination for Optimum Fruit Production

Sugar Pearls is considered self-fertile or self-pollinating. But to maximize fruit production, use of a pollinator is highly recommended by our breeder. Use one of following:

  • Honey Pearls Nectacot. As mentioned and listed at: Gurnery's and Henry Field's
  • Harlayne, Jerseycot or any other late blooming apricot, so they bloom in same season.

No more than 50' spacing is recommended for pollination, but further may work ok.

Fruit trees are available to consumers from catalog and on-site nurseries such as Gurney's and Henry Field's.