Flat Wonderful™ Peaches

PP# 16,836
Photo: Flat Wonderful ™ Peaches.

Flat Wonderful™ peaches have that sweet rich flavor that simply embodies summer. Juicy, with a pleasingly dense texture as wonderful for fresh eating as it is for canning and baking - it never gets mushy or bland. Flat Wonderful makes an attractive addition to the landscape as well. Gorgeous showy blooms in the spring are followed by brilliant glossy red foliage, making it perfect as an ornamental. Ripens in late July.

Key Features:

  • Planting Tip: Plant semi-dwarf peach trees about 12-14 feet apart, standards 20 feet apart.
  • Zones: 5 - 8 (-20° F.).
  • Height: 12 - 18 feet.
  • Sun Requirement: Full sun

Fruit trees are available to consumers from catalog and on-site nurseries such as Gurney's and Henry Field's.