Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey | Office of the Executive Dean of Agriculture and Natural Resources [Licensing and Technology: Agricultural Products]

Dogwood Tree Varieties

Just Released

Photo: Rosy Teacups.

Rosy Teacups®
Cornus kousa x C. nutallii

Photo: Variegated Stellar Pink Dogwood Tree.

Variegated Stellar Pink ®
Cornus x 'Rutgan'

Photo: Hyperion Dogwood Tree.

Cornus kousa x C. florida

Photo: Red Pygmy Dogwood Tree.

Red Pygmy®
Cornus florida 'Rutnut'

Photo: Saturn Dogwood Tree.

Cornus kousa x C. florida

Jersey Star® Series

Photo: Venus Dogwood Tree.

Cornus x 'KN30-8'

Photo: Starlight Dogwood Tree.

Cornus x 'KN4-43'

Stellar® Series

Note: Stellar® Series U.S. plant patents have expired.
All trademarks are registered and continue in force.

Photo: Aurora Dogwood Tree.

Cornus x 'Rutban'

Photo: Constellation Dogwood Tree.

Cornus x 'Rutcan'

Photo: Stellar Pink Dogwood Tree.

Stellar Pink®
Cornus x 'Rutgan'

Photo: Celestial Dogwood Tree.

Cornus x 'Rutdan' 

Photo: Ruth Ellen Dogwood Tree.

Ruth Ellen®
Cornus x 'Rutlan'

Photo: Stardust Dogwood Tree.

Cornus x 'Rutfan' 

Other Series

Photo: Red Beauty Dogwood Tree.

Red Beauty®
Cornus Florida

(Some photos courtesy of Eberts GbR Nursery and Wayside Gardens.)