Where to Buy Rutgers Dogwood Trees

Homeowners and Gardener Retail Purchasers

  • Rutgers University does not sell plants, we license commercial nurseries who propagate the plants and then sell the young unrooted plants ("liners" or "whips") to other commercial nurseries, or to growers who further grow-out the plants, or to retail outlets. The final plants may be available to consumers in various forms and sizes (unrooted, potted, balled-bagged, mail order, etc.)
  • Rutgers University can not recommend specific retail nurseries or garden centers because nursery offerings change periodically.
  • Rutgers dogwoods are generally widely available. Homeowners and gardeners can contact a local nursery, garden center, 'big-box' store, or landscape firm and ask if they carry or can obtain Rutgers dogwoods. You may want to check before the season starts. Retail outlets should be able obtain Rutgers dogwoods from the licensed wholesale nurseries listed below, or other wholesale garden outlets.
  • We also suggest that interested homeowners and gardeners select a few varieties that you are interested in from our website or other web descriptions, (you may want to search 'images' as well as general text search; or 'where-to-buy' search), so you can ask for specific (tradename) plants. Ask to see the plant tag or invoice with the Rutgers designation.
  • In making your selection, consider the following:
    • site conditions (dryness, shade)
    • tree shape (rounded, pyramidal, etc)
    • tree size desired—after 20 years!, as well as initial size
    • amount of care you are able to provide (watering in drought is desirable for most plants; although established trees may survive well with minimal care)
    • flower bract color, size, shape
    • leaf color: spring, summer, and fall (including gloss, etc.)
    • dogwood diseases in your area or recent past
    • fruit: frequency of fruiting, color, size, shape, etc (for Fall interest)
    • Be aware that plant leaf and flower bract shape and color may be affected by heat spells, drought, frost, etc.
    • If you are thinking of dogwoods for a parking lot or near a highway, in general dogwoods appear to be fairly tolerant to air pollution. Kousa dogwoods seem to be even more tolerant, and we would expect the Rutgers hybrids to perform comparably. IN any case, we recommend you consult with a good garden center in your locale who can advise you on their experience and recommendations.

  • Mail order may be a good option, although the size of plants may be limited. While Rutgers can't provide recommendations, a cursory web search yielded the following sites (note: Nursery inventory varies constantly, so check for availability, type of plant (BR, B&B, container), size, etc. by calling or emailing):
  • You can also contact the licensed commercial nurseries listed below by phone or email, they may be able to let you know who they sell to in your region.
  • To assure you are purchasing a Rutgers dogwood, ask to see the Rutgers plant tag or invoice. Young dogwoods or leafless trees may all look alike.

U.S. Authorized Licensees

Asexual reproduction of Rutgers patented hybrid dogwoods and use of trademark names without a license agreement from Rutgers University is strictly prohibited. To insure genetic purity and variety performance of Rutgers dogwoods we recommend you purchase trees from nurseries that purchased their inventory from propagators who are authorized licensees of Rutgers University and use the variety trademark by name.

The following commercial growers are licensed to sell specific cultivars. Licensee of Scarlet Fire® dogwood are listed separately.

PLEASE NOTE: Any specific nursery or source we mention may not carry all Rutgers trees, may be sold out from time to time, and products may vary in form (balled, potted, bare root); size; shipping or ordering requirements, etc. Look for the Rutgers Plant Tag or other information confirming what is being purchased.

International Licensees


A. Steffen Baumschulen GmbH
Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Phone: 04101-3791-0
Fax: 04101-3791-29
Email: info@steffen-baumschulen.de
Baumschule Steffen is a highly-regarded family-owned plant nursery offering the highest quality plant products for over 100 years. This nursery, along with its production, trading, and affiliated partners, is Rutgers' exclusive licensee in Europe for the newest patented and variety-protected Rutgers dogwoods, with distribution, propagation, marketing and other rights to the licensed plants. See also the slideshow and information on their website for their dogwood product offering.


Fleming's Nurseries
Victoria, Australia
Phone: 011-03-9756-6105