US Patent & Canadian Plant Breeders' Rights pending

Photo: Haines Cranberries. The Haines Cranberry Variety, tested as CNJ99-9-96 (US Patent & Canadian Breeder Rights pending), resulted from a 1999 cross between the Crimson Queen® variety (NJS98-23; US PP18,252 P3) as the seed parent and #35 as the pollen parent. The #35 variety is an unpatented variety from a 'Howes x Searles' cross from the 1940s USDA/NJAES Cranberry Breeding Program. Haines variety was one of 138 progeny of this 1999 cross, made at the Philip E. Marucci Center for Cranberry Research in Chatsworth, NJ. Haines variety was initially selected for its very high yield potential, mid-season ripening, large round berry (averaging about two grams per berry) and uniform fruit color. In 2007, the Haines variety was selected for further testing in advanced replicated selection trials in Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin. The plots continued to exhibit the variety's consistent high yields with mid-season ripening. Haines has also exhibited less fruit rot than Stevens in these plots. The Haines variety is recommended for all cranberry growing areas.

The Haines variety is named in honor of the late William (Bill) Haines Sr., who passed away on Feb. 6, 2007. Bill Haines Sr. was a lifelong NJ blueberry & cranberry grower. As an avid scholar of business fundamentals, his focus was directed toward results. He derived joy from hard work, and set high expectations for himself, his employees, and his business.

Embracing new technology was a priority for Bill. He pioneered the utilization of the water reel harvesting technique, solid set permanent irrigation systems, and perfected the aquatic sanding technique.

Bill was an ardent supporter of the Philip E Marucci Center for Blueberry & Cranberry Research & Extension. The earliest Rutgers cranberry breeding crosses were maintained and nurtured at his farm. He enjoyed sharing his business expertise and vast knowledge of blueberry and cranberry culture, doing so always with the interest of his fellow growers at heart. Bill contributed knowledge, employee time and talent, and equipment to facilitate the initial construction of the Rutgers Cranberry Research Center. Later, as a co-founder of the NJ Blueberry-Cranberry Research Council, Bill was instrumental in the funding and construction of the Lipman Laboratory at the Marucci Research Center.

With co-operative interests in mind, Bill championed the growth of NJ membership, later becoming a leader of the Ocean Spray Co-operative, as well as serving as a leader for the Tru-Blu Berries Co-operative.

Bill not only had a passion for his work, loved the cranberry plant, and was keenly aware of the symbiotic relationship between cranberry culture and the pristine environment. His respect for the NJ Pinelands resulted in his initial efforts and leadership to bring responsible land use planning to the region.

Bill and his wife Sara were married 44 years. They were very proud to operate a third generation family farm, and worked hard to assure that this business continued as a family enterprise for generations to come.

Integrity Propagation has been developing mother stock of the Haines variety for several years.